Wep Ronpet

Published August 7, 2012 by ixxe
Wep Ronpet

My Wep Ronpet celebration was very nice. It was obviously the first time I have celebrated since I’ve only been active in the Kemetic (of any kind) faith . Coming from a wiccian-ish faith i always celebrated the wheel of the year and just used Yinepu as my patron (surprise surprise).

I started the morning off by a nice purifying bath and a sunrise senut. I said a prayer for Ra and a few other prayers for the new year. I left my statues for a few hours, the soon to be husband brought them and my senut stuff in, but not my akhu candle out so I sadly came home to a melted candle. Guess Ill bring everything in myself. Work was an eventful day.

So I picked the kid up from daycare we came home and had our own little celebration before he went to bed. Sadly he wasn’t feeling good and went to bed early ;otherwise he would have done some pot breaking with my friends and myself. Once the friends arrived I explained to them what Wep Ronet was about. By explain i mean i let them read the print out of what Wep Ronet meant for me personally, i just suck at explaining things so I usually write them out. We had a nice dinner of chicken and rice.

After dinner we went outside snd began to write all the things we’d like to get rid of in the next. That was an amazing bonding experience as we decided to share what we wrote. We laid a cloth over our outside table and took turns smashing our pots with a  hammer. It was a lot of fun and very ….. liberating. After the pot smashing we tried to  put a snake on a cake for ap-p  , our snake did not turn out very well, it looked like a dragon or a vine BUT the its all bout what your meaning not how it looks… …thankfully. That as well was a lot of fun and yummy!

After all of that, we just hung out and had a good time! I have pictures of a lot of the things I just cant get them from my phone to the computer so i can post them all at once and not in a billion little posts.


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